Monday, November 3, 2008

Um, not quite.

Or politics as learned on the school bus:

Emily: Mom, who did you vote for?
EF: Why?
Emily: Haley voted for Brock Obama.
EF: Why?
Emily: Because she knows more about him. Who did you vote for?
EF: I voted for McCain.
Emily: Good, because Brock Obama...
Haley: Ba-rock Obama.
Emily: Brock Obama.
Haley: Ba-rock.
Emily. Ba-rock. Because Brock Obama wants to send all the white people to another state to live.
EF: No. He does not. Where did you hear that from?
Emily: Hannah told me.
EF: That's not true.
Hannah: That's just what I heard.
Emily: And George McCain wants to send all the brown people to another state.
EF: Also not true.

Guess what we'll be talking about on the way to rehearsal tonight, eh?

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Scott and Jillian said...

That totally rocks! That's what I heard about Brock and George, too. Thanks for the laugh! I think I almost passed out just now.