Friday, November 7, 2008

To the ER after all

Sammy spiked to 104 this morning, so we headed to the ER - for the whole fricking day. Actually, he spiked to 104 axillary and that wasn't when it beeped, just when he decided enough was enough and yanked the thermometer out.

He's got an infection, probably in his throat, which was red. His ears were lovely on both sides. He didn't have enough pee to test and his chest x-ray looked okay. Blood tests were done and were abnormal in more than the expected ways, which I will discuss later when the followup ones come back okay. Which they are going to. Because I said so.

The doctor wants him back on Sunday morning to recheck to see if the antibiotics are working.

Tomorrow is David's big test for certification.

Prayers for all would be appreciated.


stewbert said...

prayers and e-hugs ... hang in there.

evitafjord said...

Thanks :-)

Alison Wonderland said...

That would be the ED. Do you people learn NOTHING form my posts?!
Just kidding, I still call it the ER too.

Sorry, he's sick. I hope all goes well and you get the test results today.

Scott and Jillian said...

we'll be praying for you. hope everything is ok!