Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Series of Fortunate Events

Due to some unforeseen occurrences, money is sooo tight this week. Like hold your breath and hope that the reimbursements from the school or something comes in tomorrow so we don't bounce stuff tight. Wing and a prayer, baby.

Fortunate event #1:
Today, I found 2 checks from Josh's birthday that have been missing in the depths of my purse/van and deposited them.

Fortunate event #2:
Tonight when we were supposed to be leaving for rehearsal for the girls, the battery on the van was dead, which has happened a couple of times now when the lights are on for even a fairly short period of time - so no leaving the doors open while you get everyone situated, run back inside for this and that and that and that forgotten thing.

Sounds bad, but really, it set in motion a chain that ended up very good.

I knocked on a neighbor's door to see if he could jump start the van for me. No problem, he brought over his handy-dandy little jumpstarter thingy. In the process, he was talking about how it was a good coincidence because the reason he had the handy-dandy little jumpstarter thingy was because his truck was acting up battery-wise and he'd borrowed it just that day from his dad. BUT, it had turned out that his battery wasn't actually bad, it just had post problems.

Well, that got me thinking (hoping) that maybe my posts are just dirty. So after we got it started and I had dropped the girls off at rehearsal, the boys and I headed to Walmart to buy some knock-off Diet Coke (for the van - and me), because even though it was farther away, the knock-off cola at the other store tastes like Diet Pepsi, which is DIS-GUS-TING. BUT, about halfway there, I remembered that I had some coupons for the other store (there are only two), which would allow me to pretty much get REAL DC for free, so I got off an exit early and headed to that store instead.

When we got there, we found that there were people singing in the middle of the bakery section - a choir! Seriously, I'm not making it up. Everyone was dressed up all fancy - turns out it was Taste of the Season - samples all over the store and a party so that one would be inspired to serve these yummy goodies at their holiday parties AND buy them there. The goodies were indeed quite fantastic, but that's not the really good part.

Another part of the party was a giveaway - every 30 minutes, they were going to draw names for $25 gift cards. I seriously knew on the spot that this was an answer to a prayer and that I was going to win one and be able to buy food between now and payday.

The boys and I finished our sampling and shopping and went back to the theatre to wait for the girls. We went inside to the lobby, but half the cast was out there and Josh kept getting them in trouble and generally being a pain in the tookus, so we left again. As soon as I got outside, my cell started working again and there was a missed call and a message. Guess what?

I won a giftcard.