Friday, May 9, 2008

10 Things That Make Me Happy

tagged by Esther

In no particular order except numerical:

10. Sam napping on the couch.
9. Josh sharing everything.
8. Emily and her toothless grin.
7. Haley and her quiet brilliance.
6. Hannah and her not as quiet brilliance ;-).
5. David for all that he is.
4. My new Gazelle - someday I'll be skinny again, maybe sooner than later now.
3. Grey's Anatomy. Mmm. Aah. And one of my favorite scenes just for kicks.
2. Somewhat randomly, but I was just listening to it yesterday, the Mormon Potluck Podcast. These guys remind me of my FHE brothers from the BYU ward oh so many moons ago. Good times.
1. Various music, lately in particular Falling Slowly, Chasing Cars, and Popular.