Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I bet you thought I forgot about Weirdo Wednesday

Well, I did. But that isn't weird so let me ponder a minute.

Yesterday, I let my boys wear their bat costumes to Walmart. They asked, I thought about it, realized they'd be snug, warm, toasty, and CUTE, and said, "Of course you can wear your bat costumes to Walmart."

I was going to post a picture of the boys in the costumes, but they are on the other computer and I never uploaded them to the family site (accessible from this computer) AND I thought this picture went with both the bat theme and most definitely with the Weirdo Wednesday theme:

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Bat Banana.

(Yes, I counted the na-na's. Triple Weirdo Score.)

Not my kid. But that is what the bat costumes look like and they do like to do that pose whilst wearing the bat costumes. See how snug and warm and toasty and CUTE it is - TIMES 2.

I know.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

QOD - Question of the Day

Driving back from the grocery store, this question occured to me:
Is a wussbag: a) a bag for carrying a wuss, b) a bag made of a wuss, or c) a bag attached to a wuss?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weirdo Wednesday: The Contents

Yes, I stole this from one or more other people, but after reading theirs and in light of the fact that a new purse is en route to me and it had to be done anyway, I present the contents of my purse, freshly dumped:

and sorted:

and listed:

1. 3 yearbook forms that need to be filled out this week
2. 4 toys - a taxicab (from NYC!!), a tractor, a motorcycle, and the giraffe from Madagascar 2
3. 3 loose "extra" keys, one of which fits a car we have not owned for nearly a year
4. my actual keys with pink and brown keychain
5. cellphone
6. 2 prescription bottles containing hubby's emergency meds (one is laying on its side by the junk mail)
7. baby nail clippers
8. 4 Benadryl allergy/sinus/headache
9. splinter removal kit
10. needles, in case the splinter removal kit doesn't work
11. hairbrush
12. this semester's report cards for the girls
13. my VT list
14. 2 paint samples
15. 4 $1 off gas or groceries for Brookshire's coupons and one GM cereals coupon (huh, not even expired yet)
16. health insurance information for the kids
17. about 10 pieces of trash, mostly wrappers, but including a tiny piece of a french fry
18. 6 paper stars labeled "I am Thankful to be Me because I can:"
19. a semi-crunched liquid medicine cup
20. a hospital wristband (from SPY's echo)
21. 3 appointment cards, 2 of which have already happened
22. 14 receipts, none important
23. 1 piece of junk mail
24. 2 pens
25. an empty bottle of lotion
26. mascara
27. a mint
28. a single die
29. 2 checkbooks for our account, 1 empty checkbook cover (with old checkbook inside), 1 checkbook for an account that is not mine, and a book of deposit slips
30. 2009 Dallas temple schedule
31. my wallet
32. the headphones to my MP3 player
33. an empty snack-size baggie (I think it used to hold my blush, but I don't know where the blush went?????????!?)
34. 2 gift cards, each empty or with less than $2 left (should have been above, but I missed them and I'm not renumbering)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Problem solved.

Forget image of Movie Edward and Movie Bella. Picture Patrick Dempsey as Edward and me as Bella.

Patrick Dempsey as a vampire? Hello!!
Like I said, problem solved.

ETA: What I meant to say was picture SE as Edward and me as Bella. That is totally what I meant to say.

ETA again: Someone took it as his personal quest to convince me that PD was not THE choice and so here is his nomination. I have to say that I agree that he probably is a much better pick for the actual story, but a) it's too late, I already finished the book; and b) it only works for me if I go back to casting Alexis Bledel as Bella (yeah, sure, she's probably a better choice too). Anyway, SE's pick:

(Matt Dallas, aka Kyle XY)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weirdo Wednesday

Today's confession:

I'm watching the Bachelor. I don't watch it every season, but okay, most of them. Unless the guy is ug. or Ugh. or bleh. So, I didn't watch seasons 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, or 9. Hmm, I've actually watched less than half of the seasons. Maybe I'm not as lame as I thought I was. This season's Bachelor is my favorite since Bob. Though I was also quite fond of Travis. Those doctory, nice, sweet, preppy kind of guys, those are the kind of guys that make my heart flutter. Nice guy like that vs. Edward. Easy pick. (I made it to page 130 now. Edward is about to rescue her again (again!?!?) in Port Orchard this time, which we all know is a totally dangerous town.)

I also have been watching Momma's Boys and True Beauty and several other lame shows. Not watching, watching - but DVRing and letting it play while I work. I pretty much always have to have something playing on the TV while I work because it's cold, dark, and lonely working from 9pm to midnight. So I DVR and watch/listen to mindless reality TV while I work.

But the Bachelor I watch.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And that's why living in the middle of nowhere sucks.

Took SPY to his echo today. It took almost an hour to get him to sleep even though he was properly un-napped and Benadryl'd and still nursing. The tech had the lights dimmed and gave him a warmed blanket, but I finally had to turn the lights up because that was too unusual and highlighted the shiny light in the ceiling and the interesting TV screen over there. After I finally clued in to that, he was out in about 10 minutes.

The tech said he didn't find anything emergent, heard and saw and took pictures and measurements of the murmur, AND we won't hear anything official for probably at least a week (unless the tech missed something emergent) and possibly more like a couple of weeks because it has to be read by the specialist in Dallas, who is apparently a fairly busy pediatric cardiologist.

And he's pitching stuff off the table again, so that's all.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fetch in a handbasket.

So I got all smart and decided to take the Blogger bar off the top up there. And now I have no idea how to get to my dashboard to make a new post without going through someone else's blog who didn't take the bar off. I'm a dork.

Sam's echo is tomorrow afternoon, just to update.

He's teething his last front tooth this week, so not letting him nap so that he can nap during the test should be delightful.

Tonight SE tortured Banana by saying a$$. She got very indignant and was literally crying as she said, "Jesus doesn't like it when you say bad words, Daddy." And I'm going straight to hell because I had to bury my head in my arms not to laugh. Okay, I mean I WAS laughing my head off, I had to bury it so that it wasn't so obvious that I was laughing my head off. It was just the combination of what she said and the way she said it. Then Em started in about how Daddy was friends with Satan (we just had Sharing Time in Primary on Sunday about the war in heaven, etc.) and he said, yep, we send text messages and play cards. Em ran with that and decided that Daddy and Satan play Tetris together on the Wii.

And that was our Family Home Evening tonight. Yay!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh, that boy.

It is becoming apparent that Sammy Sugarface gets a kick out of making us worry. Recall a few months ago when the delightful boy decided to spike super-fevers and throw in an abnormal lab result. All ended up well, but he had us worried for a couple of days. Today, he had his 18month checkup (only 6 weeks late, I'm impressed) and the NP heard a murmur. Crap. It's never been documented before so he gets to go have an echo this coming week. I'm less worried about this than the other test, but this kid is going to give me grey hairs, I'm telling you.

Anyway, I've elected to share something about him for Weirdo Wednesday.

SPY is addicted to lotion. He asks for "Lo" every time I get some, any time he sees the bottle on the counter, and sometimes at random times in between. Usually he just rubs it in to his hands like he should, but this week he's also been putting it on his hair like his sisters did with Daddy's mousse on Sunday (speaking of Wolverine hair - maybe SPY as Edward?? Baby Twilight, how adorable would that be?). At least he smells delightful.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Mild stomach bug, writing the Primary program, assorted other Primary-related tasks, wanting to sleep instead of do anything.

I made it to about page 30 of Twilight over the weekend. I've re-cast the movie. So far, Bella will be played by Ellen Page or Alexis Bledel and Edward will be played by Marcel Vigneron from Season 2 of Top Chef, aka Wolverine Chef, who it turns out is from Bainbridge, so he won't mind the dreary rain. Of course, at page 30 Edward has only made 3 appearances: lunch, bio, and the office - so that casting is subject to change. I picked Marcel because he is easier for me to picture than whatever that other guy's name is that really got the job. Also, he has that weird look AND he's funny. Because I see the movie posters/trailers and it makes me want to read the book less, because dark and dangerous guys are kind of a big turn-off for me. Seriously, no hotness factor there. Now, if Edward were preppy....... re-cast: Mark Paul Gosselaar as Edward. C'mon, let's set it at Bayside!! I've lived in the gray, it's super depressing, and moving during high school sucks but you might meet your soulmate, I get that part, but if Bella is going to fall for the dark and dangerous guy (and I'm thinking she might), she loses me there.

Oh well. I'm still hoping to be pleasantly surprised (not really, I know how the last book ends).

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Goal

My New Year's goal is to not suck in 2009.

There were some kick-awesome things that happened in 2008 (trips to NY, WA, and UT and SE's new job), but as a whole, I personally spent most of the year just sucking up a storm at a bunch of stuff.

This year promises great things - weaning Mr. Crankypants. Actually, I can't really think of anything else this minute. Spring Break is something I'm looking forward to - we're trying to decide where to go, something cheap and family oriented, an experience rather than a destination, if that makes any sense. More progress on school. SE's first summer off (which, if it goes like Winter Break, promises to be AWESOME in all capitals - seriously, he was a cleaning machine. I helped some, but still had the usual distractions and then some (3!! big holiday meals with guests!!) and he just cranked it out.)

Oh yeah, another goal is to read Twilight, not because I want to, but because I promised SE that I would at least give it a chance and read the first book. Which was easy to promise before he cleaned up the office and found the book. Crap. Now it's sitting literally inches from me and has been for days and I just can't make myself open it yet. I DON'T WANNA!!!

And finally, get working on the weight. I have a new goal - once my favorite T-shirt fits
(for the first time, it was too small when I bought it), then I'm done. Really, it will probably be the same size I was post-Jbot (when I GASP! fit back into my wedding dress) and right at what my goal weight should be. But I just really want to be able to wear my shirt!