Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Goal

My New Year's goal is to not suck in 2009.

There were some kick-awesome things that happened in 2008 (trips to NY, WA, and UT and SE's new job), but as a whole, I personally spent most of the year just sucking up a storm at a bunch of stuff.

This year promises great things - weaning Mr. Crankypants. Actually, I can't really think of anything else this minute. Spring Break is something I'm looking forward to - we're trying to decide where to go, something cheap and family oriented, an experience rather than a destination, if that makes any sense. More progress on school. SE's first summer off (which, if it goes like Winter Break, promises to be AWESOME in all capitals - seriously, he was a cleaning machine. I helped some, but still had the usual distractions and then some (3!! big holiday meals with guests!!) and he just cranked it out.)

Oh yeah, another goal is to read Twilight, not because I want to, but because I promised SE that I would at least give it a chance and read the first book. Which was easy to promise before he cleaned up the office and found the book. Crap. Now it's sitting literally inches from me and has been for days and I just can't make myself open it yet. I DON'T WANNA!!!

And finally, get working on the weight. I have a new goal - once my favorite T-shirt fits
(for the first time, it was too small when I bought it), then I'm done. Really, it will probably be the same size I was post-Jbot (when I GASP! fit back into my wedding dress) and right at what my goal weight should be. But I just really want to be able to wear my shirt!


Alison Wonderland said...

That's an awespme shirt, I'd want to wear it too. And I so feel you on the Twilight thing. I did the exact same thing. Can I recommend listening to it, the audio's pretty goos and if you do it while driving or doing dishes then you don't feel so guilty.

Jen said...

I'm another reluctant-Twilight-reader, but I finally did, and here's what I thought:

Good book (series), engaging story, interesting concept, not in my top ten. There were things that bugged me, but the fourth book pretty much fixed them. Glad I read them, but probably won't read them again.

And good luck with the not-sucking thing. And congrats on the school scheduled husband. I LOVE school jobs!