Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weirdo Wednesday: The Contents

Yes, I stole this from one or more other people, but after reading theirs and in light of the fact that a new purse is en route to me and it had to be done anyway, I present the contents of my purse, freshly dumped:

and sorted:

and listed:

1. 3 yearbook forms that need to be filled out this week
2. 4 toys - a taxicab (from NYC!!), a tractor, a motorcycle, and the giraffe from Madagascar 2
3. 3 loose "extra" keys, one of which fits a car we have not owned for nearly a year
4. my actual keys with pink and brown keychain
5. cellphone
6. 2 prescription bottles containing hubby's emergency meds (one is laying on its side by the junk mail)
7. baby nail clippers
8. 4 Benadryl allergy/sinus/headache
9. splinter removal kit
10. needles, in case the splinter removal kit doesn't work
11. hairbrush
12. this semester's report cards for the girls
13. my VT list
14. 2 paint samples
15. 4 $1 off gas or groceries for Brookshire's coupons and one GM cereals coupon (huh, not even expired yet)
16. health insurance information for the kids
17. about 10 pieces of trash, mostly wrappers, but including a tiny piece of a french fry
18. 6 paper stars labeled "I am Thankful to be Me because I can:"
19. a semi-crunched liquid medicine cup
20. a hospital wristband (from SPY's echo)
21. 3 appointment cards, 2 of which have already happened
22. 14 receipts, none important
23. 1 piece of junk mail
24. 2 pens
25. an empty bottle of lotion
26. mascara
27. a mint
28. a single die
29. 2 checkbooks for our account, 1 empty checkbook cover (with old checkbook inside), 1 checkbook for an account that is not mine, and a book of deposit slips
30. 2009 Dallas temple schedule
31. my wallet
32. the headphones to my MP3 player
33. an empty snack-size baggie (I think it used to hold my blush, but I don't know where the blush went?????????!?)
34. 2 gift cards, each empty or with less than $2 left (should have been above, but I missed them and I'm not renumbering)


evitafjord said...

There is also a bouncy ball that made the pictures but mysteriously disappeared when I was listing the contents.

jen bryner said...

i wonder who took THAT!? you have a ton in your did you collect all that?

evitafjord said...

There weren't even any diapers or anything in there.

Everything goes in there - especially if I don't want to lose it. Helps that my "purse" was really a tote bag. My new one isn't quite as big I think and less tote-y.