Monday, April 20, 2009


I had a surprise email tonight - a friend add on Facebook. Actually I had 3 today, which made me feel almost popular, except that one was my sister and I already knew she loved me; another was a guy I knew in HS that I always kind of thought was a little creepy but thought hey, maybe he's not creepy anymore - but it kind of looks like he still is; and the unexpected one was my best friend from junior high.

I don't even remember how we met or got to be best friends, not even a little bit. I don't think we were friends in middle school (yes, we had both a middle school and a junior high - they were connected but separated). I moved to that school halfway through 6th grade - from an elementary school - and I don't remember much of anything except surviving the rest of that year - and that there was this girl who dyed her hair green for St. Patrick's Day with either Kool-Aid or Jello, which was right before we moved in, and so her hair was fading shades of green for the whole rest of the year.

Anyway, we were bestest-estest friends. Which probably freaked my mom right out because, although she was really not "bad" on the inside, she really liked to look scary. She was a big fan of vampires and was 5'10" (in 8th and 9th grade!! - actually, both of my bestest friends were 5'10" to my 5'3" - we would walk down the halls with me in the middle and they would tease that they couldn't see me -hahaha hmm). We wore a lot of black and black nail polish and stuff like that. Oooh, we were scary.

Then during the summer after 9th grade, my parents were working with the community theatre's summer musical and I decided I wanted to be in it. (probably I thought there would be cute boys there who could sing - it may even have been that I knew a specific boy was going to be there, but I don't really remember) So I was in the chorus and rehearsing that at night and still hanging out with my friend during the day, including riding my bike 5 miles each way to her house (by myself down backroads - I don't know if I'd do that today, even if I was in shape). And then my mom's best friend needed help with a children's show during the day and I think she volunteered me. Which turned out fine with me, there was a super cute guy there and a bunch of other kids from the summer musical were there and we all got to be good friends (including the guy - who wound up later being my first husband and my first kiss - in that order, neither official, which is a story way too long for this post). But I had a lot less time to hang out with my bestest friend. And I was kind of making new bestest friends.

I think that I even missed her birthday that summer. Which is bad, I know, but her birthday was the same weekend as the performances for the musical.

When school started back in the fall and we were in high school and everything was crazy, we kind of tried to keep hanging out - but then there was the fall musical and that was the end. I was firmly in the drama crowd and she was so not and I think we might have had a fight about it, but most likely not because that's kind of my way apparently. You know, nonconfrontational. We never even had a class together after that, but I heard through the grapevine that she hated me - which brings me finally to the point that I was super surprised that she wanted to be my friend on Facebook.

But then, our interaction so far has been for her to say hey, how's it going? - Fine, how about you? - Eh, fine. Did you hear about that guy you had a crush on all through junior high? (he's now a gay porn model, I kid you not. Still smokin' hot though. I'd link ya, but ya know, I'm not going to facilitate your porn habit.) - Yep, I saw that. - Okay, well, have a good night.

And that was it. Anticlimatic, but eh, what else is new?

And I was totally going to do my assigned letter from btb's, but I saw that I had a draft in edit and decided to finish it instead. So, when I say "tonight" above, I really mean 3-4 weeks ago probably?? I'll get to the P post later today or tomorrow. Right now, I have to P (and clean the house for home teachers tonight, bake cookies, do homework, and work).

ETA - I mean tonight means February 21st. Which is my sister's birthday and much more than 3-4 weeks ago. Oops.