Thursday, November 13, 2008


"Evita, this is the best report I have had! Thank you so much for putting your "all" into it. I'm glad the baby is doing better and I hope he gets completely well without any complications. You are so intelligent! Don't give up on getting your degree; just take it a bit at a time, as much as you can, and still take care of your family and yourself."

On to the self-deprecating part:

I would feel better about this if I thought it was really that good. It was only good because a) it was a research project and the source material was fantastic, b) it's a frickin' community college in the middle of nowhere so the comparison papers were probably REALLY not that good (that sounds snobby, but it's true), c) the teacher is a member of our ward, a mother of a ton of (now all grown) kids, and she has a ton of sympathy for me (or is that empathy?), and d) it definitely wasn't my best effort or my "all" so I feel a little guilty about that. Basically, it might have been good compared to others she received, but it wasn't that good compared to others I've done.

But... all that being said, I was giddy about the response (I posted about it, didn't I? - bumping a perfectly lovely piece about utensils) and it made me so happy that I'm cleaning out, reorganizing, and repainting the inside of my kitchen cabinets. It's funky work and I don't even care. NOTE: Never put the laundry facilities in the kitchen. If you must put the laundry facilities in the kitchen, don't vent the dryer 50 feet under half the house so that it clogs, backing up lint into the kitchen. Funkity, funk, funk, funk.

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