Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day Four

Not every day has something to put in your journal, but Day Four did. I wrote it in my head but then forgot to type it up and then added something this afternoon so I would have had to edit it anyway. Procrastination works in my favor again. Rock on.

Day 4:
The story about the airman, Jay Hess is taken from the "Finding Joy in the Journey" talk by Pres. Monson (refer to Day One). Read the story below. In 25 words or less, write what you would say to your family if you weren't sure you would see them again.

[Pres. Monson shares, "In the 1960s, during the Vietnam War, Church member Jay Hess, an airman, was shot down over North Vietnam. For two years his family had no idea whether he was dead or alive. His captors in Hanoi eventually allowed him to write home but limited his message to less than 25 words. What would you and I say to our families if we were in the same situation—not having seen them for over two years and not knowing if we would ever see them again? Wanting to provide something his family could recognize as having come from him and also wanting to give them valuable counsel, Brother Hess wrote—and I quote: “These things are important: temple marriage, mission, college. Press on, set goals, write history, take pictures twice a year.”"]

(Implied Dear Family:)

I love you mostest times infinity. Please make choices that will enable us to be together forever some day. Or I will haunt your dreams.

(Implied Love, EF)

1. They'd know right away it was really from me.
2. It makes the point I want to make.
3. I want them to smile (or even laugh) when they think of me and stop being so darn sad. After all, we're going to be together forever some day.


stewbert said...

*snort* love it.

Jen said...

Very well done. What would I say???