Friday, February 13, 2009

Dear American Idol:

I reluctantly admit to watching this show sporadically. I really kind of want to try to watch this year, but here are the problems. a) the show is boring as fetch. I like it in the beginning, but I'm not really that big a fan of cover songs, so week after week after week, well ya know. I just have a hard time getting personally invested in the people. b) if you're going to put through the annoying person (you know who I mean, actually annoying PEOPLE this year), I get it, it's supposed to be more interesting. But you're going to have to tell them to tone it down. It's too much, I can't watch an hour (or even a minute) of that crap at that level.



Yesterday I had to write a letter to my congressperson for Government 2302 (I picked KBH and wrote her about supporting #s-374). I guess I'm still in the mood.

Speaking of the mood, I'm not in the mood for tomorrow. I usually go all out with the monkeys, so they are all looking forward to it. I gotta snap out of it. I have a date tonight, so maybe that will help.

Speaking of my date tonight, he had his (insert technical term for end of the year) evaluation this week and rocked it. Conditional contract signed for next year (he still has to finish the stuff for certification, but can't do all of it until the school year/his internship is done). Woot said that he would have made it a multi-year if he could and will next year. Phew. I wasn't worried that he wouldn't do well on his eval - he really is a frickin' awesome teacher - but ya know, budgets and all. I'll say it again, phew.

Wish I rocked that hard at my job. Oh, right, that's why I'm in school so I can do a different job. Patience......

Did I mention that SPY's appointment with his kickA cardiologist is March 12? I don't really know if his cardiologist is kickA, but positive reinforcement, right?

I think I've procrastinated enough for this morning. Finished most of my homework/tests last night but still have 2 discussion posts and a reading assignment to finish today - and work - and get the house babysitter-ready.


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