Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Really? Really?

I'm trying to work here and so I have the TV on, of course, (remember, it's cold and lonely working at night boohoo), and from over there I hear this. Wait for it.

Flat hair is so last year? Oh no, what am I going to do? I just barely got a straightener.

Please, please, please tell me that this is one case where they are the ones out of touch and not me. Or at least tell me that this ad only runs in Texas, where big hair really, really didn't go out of style. Please tell me that women don't really want a big bump on the back of their heads. Why would anyone want that? Cone head is sexy.

Oooh, they have a mini Bumpit. I remember the tragic old days when you had to get that look the old fashioned way with layers of ozone-killing aerosol spray.

I wonder if I can get just the big Bumpit. Cuz I need a REALLY BIG thing on top of my head. Gag a maggot. Cone head is sexy.

Hey look, they also own the domain names http://www.bighappyhair.com/ AND http://www.bighappiehair.com/. BIG HAPPIE HAIR.


Cone head is sexy.


stewbert said...

it runs here, too. and a lot during toddlers and tiaras (aka scary porcelain doll children)

Jen said...

A little teasing is one thing, but that girl in the picture - no thanks. Although, using something symetrical is better than the girl in our ward who used to come to church with a lumpy, bumpy bump. It was big, too.

Scott and Jillian said...

I saw that the other day on TV! Wowzers!

evitafjord said...

Yeah, if I were to attempt the bump, I'd have to use a tool. Of course, I'm so hair dumb that mine would probably peek out from underneath my hair. I'm pretty sure that's not hot.