Monday, February 23, 2009

100 Things

I'm Finding Joy in the Journey and today's assignment was to make a list of 100 things I'm grateful for. Might as well post it here. In no particular order except as I think of them which does not indicate any kind of particular order.

1. SE in general
2. The Queen
3. The Vatican
4. The Getty
5. The Rothchild
6. The Colonel (each in general)
7. the blanket I sleep with every night. no, really - it's cozy.
8. my minivan.
9. the backup minivan.
10. easy plumbing fixes (what I get to do tomorrow, but could have been worse and required a plumber)
11. the yard where the kids were able to play outside all afternoon
12. the sunshiney day today
13. SE's job
14. my job
15. my kids' teachers
16. the PE teacher at the younger kids' school (she looks out for them)
17. cheesecake
18. bug spray
19. Primary
20. my parents in general
21. growing up somewhere besides here ;-)
22. my sister
23. the other one too
24. brother #1
25. and #2
26. and #3
27. and their respective spouses as applicable
28. my sister-in-law
29. and another one
30. and brother-in-law
31. and a spouse or 2
32. and their parents
33. Target
34. crayons
35. online college courses
36. and the schools who offer them
37. grammar
38. spelling
39. ibuprofen
40. emergency rooms
41. pictures
42. bologna sandwiches
43. Sesame Street
44. the mail ladies
45. and the FedEx and UPS guys too - I LOVE getting packages.
46. diet Coke (is it wrong to list diet Coke on a list based on a talk by the prophet??)
47. water
48. dishwashers, particularly mine
49. music
50. men who sing music
51. by which, of course, I mean that man who sings music to me
52. sweatpants
53. my favorite sweatshirt, which will be 16 years old later this year
54. being able to come back to the list tomorrow to finish
55. going to bed now, even though I'm not done with today's task
56. sleep

more later - 44 more to be precise.

1 comment:

Jen said...

Good thing you have all those spouses and in-laws, or you might not have made it half way! But hey, IL's you can be thankful for are truly a beautiful thing.