Monday, November 19, 2007

Things I Meant to Blog, but Have Been Way Too Busy - Bullet-style

  • I keep blogging stuff in my head, but due to the brain sucking which has rendered my memory virtually useless, that stuff will probably never be blogged as intended. Which stinks, because most of it was brilliant.
  • Took J to the doctor today. No, actually, I took S to the doctor and mentioned J's rash. The NP thinks it looks like staph. Perfect!! So the child most likely to touch himself, not wash his hands, and put those hands, oh EVERYWHERE, has staph. Fab-U-lous.
  • S is doing fine mostly, except that he has "fallen off the growth charts." He's a runt, but we love him anyway. Note: J, who is now in the 97th percentile in weight AND height, was also a runt when he was a baby. No worries on the runtiness of S. It's just the way we grow boys apparently.
  • My hair. I don't want to talk about it. Let's just say it is not fixed yet.
  • I've been crafty lately - sewing, gluing, more sewing. More to be done. Mostly enjoying, we'll see how long that lasts :-P.
  • No school this week. Yeehaw??
  • As usual, I should be working right now. So not in the mood tonight. Anyone happen to notice how often that happens when I have an ESL doctor up?
  • Actually, none of this is stuff I meant to blog, it's really the way too busy.

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