Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Weirdo Wednesday

My brain is a bit fried tonight and I know that last week I had other Weirdo Wednesdays in my head, ready to go this week, but they have been replaced by weariness. I'm beginning to see why playpens used to be so popular as kid watchers. Every waking moment (his, not mine thankfully) SPY is into something, climbing something, wanting up, wanting down, wanting to nurse, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. We've gotten to the point where when I say his name in a certain tone he says "No?" because that's what usually follows. (He is now chuckIing things off3
thede3s2k and hitting random keys.) It sounds like he's my first but either I don't remember or he's more AAAAAAAAAH or I was younger.... or I was working outside the house and let me tell you working outside the house is so much easier than chasing an 18-month-old. Ironically, when I worked in childcare I worked mostly in the 18-month-old room. But the thing about childcare is that they have each other and other things to entertain themselves and you have backup.

BTW, my cell phone works - THANK YOU Brilliant Rice Recommender (Recommendor?)

The story of how my cell phone got washed is a story for Weirdo Wednesday. Usually my cell lives in my purse, because it is safest there, I don't lose it as often, though I do miss about half my calls because I can't hear it - but that is fewer than missing all of my calls because it is somewhere missing with the battery dead. Anyway, for whatever reason, my cell was in my pocket.

Hub was off to take the girls to rehearsal and I walked them to the door where he gave me a hug.

I said "Don't squeeze, I have to pee." I'm an idiot. He can't resist that kind of thing. So, he squoze (that looks wrong, squoze??). And I peed.

He was like, "I didn't think you really would."

"I've had 5 babies."

"I thought you were doing those exercises or something."

"Yeah, but I'm still dead inside. Besides, you'd know if I was." (if you know what I mean, wink, wink)

"Oh, sorry."

Ha on him, I was wearing his sweatpants. But I did go directly to the washing machine with them. So, it's his fault that my cell phone got washed (see that logic, eh?)

So, fun fact for Weirdo Wednesday: I pee at the drop of a hat.

Anyone want to guess how many cups of water Sam dumped out while I was typing this? Three.

Yay, hub is home and I'm going to a meeting WITHOUT the kids.


Scott and Jillian said...

I made me LOL out loud! Glad to hear your cell phone made it. Too bad to hear that your angel's wings made it, though. They would definitely be better to lose than a hand. My parents have a Christus statue with a missing hand.

stewbert said...

hahaha ... that's sort of funny that you peed his pants. lol

Alison Wonderland said...


Kiegels, schmegels. Who wants to do them when we get this kind of amusmant by not?

Jen said...

Just read this sad comment on Alison Wonderland from a girl whose husband's bathroom cleaning turned into a remodel - and it was you! So weird.

And at it was fitting that he made you pee his pants:)

jen bryner said...

HAHAHAHAHA! i gotta say, i'm a big fan of weirdo wednesday now:) thanks dawn!