Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shirts I designed for Homecoming

I like these as much or more than the ones I made for the girls last year. I didn't get any really good pictures of the girls' logos - the main logo is the same as the boys' but they have "Hannah Bear" etc. under the logo in different fonts. Josh's is the only one through the wash so far and it's pretty faded, but still visible. Everyone's has to be bleached, but my photo transfer paper is only good on white, so white it is.

Oh, and look at this picture. David singing the National Anthem at Homecoming - his first time ever at a game. He was AWESOME.

Well, flip, the laptop decided it doesn't want to cooperate. I'll try again later. For now, just imagine a picture of David with a microphone on the 50-yard line.
Now it won't let me move the picture where I want it, so since y'all are doing such a good job imagining, I'm just going to leave it.

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