Friday, September 26, 2008

Good marketing.

This morning I watched a small part of an informercial for the Cricut. I've never seen a Cricut before - I don't (GASP) scrapbook. At all. EVER. And I don't put vinyl words on things. I don't even want to - well, maybe a sign or two with vinyl letters would be fine, but no scrapbooking. I used to want to scrapbook, just a little, enough to buy a few things, but I got over it before I made any pages. I probably still have that stuff in the box with my wedding pictures. Anyway, in just 3 minutes of infomercial, I wanted a Cricut. I wanted one really bad(ly?). Just in case I ever decide to scrapbook or put vinyl words on things. Or maybe just to watch it work. In reality, I would probably just cut things out and never use them. Just to watch it work. At least I wouldn't be wasting materials, because it can figure out where to cut on your scraps. All by itself. Seriously?!? Duuuude. Sign me up.

I'm going to bed. I've got the plague and I'd like to get over it soon. I hadn't even left the house since Monday afternoon until today when I went to the grocery store with the boys. Brainiac move, but I didn't want to cook dinner and I already exhausted all of the easy dinners in the house except cereal and I needed Diet Coke (shh, I know). It's not the worst plague I've ever had, but it's obviously affecting my cognitive functioning.

Go to bed already, you big whiner. Sheesh.

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