Monday, September 22, 2008

His Daddy's boy

Sam is his daddy's boy.

He fell (rolled sideways) down the stairs this morning. He's good with the stairs - until he isn't and then he tumbles. He hasn't fallen down them for MONTHS, but now lately he's decided that he's a big boy and tries to go down standing up instead of feet first on his belly. He IS getting big, but not that big yet. Anyway, I was right here in the living room and I heard him start to tumble and caught him just as he hit the bottom. He was scared, but fine and hadn't hit his head on the bottom. Crying hard - we snuggled and cried together for a minute and then I sat down with him in the office chair to nurse, but as soon as we sat, he reached for the piano and wanted to play, so he played. And immediately the tears were gone. And he's still playing now. Sam LOVES the piano and will suddenly think of it while playing in other parts of the house. He gets mesmerized when he pushes the play button and the preprogrammed songs play - he plays along and seems to think he's making that music - but he loves almost as much to just plink around on it.

Today I'm going to clean up the living room while listening to this. Then homework and work-work and tonight hopefully some family home evening. We had a fun, busy weekend with Homecoming (David sang the National Anthem at the game, his first time ever at a game), playing outside in the water (it's still 90 degrees here people), sunburns, the Primary Program (they were AWESOME), and a retirement party for the previous theatre teacher. Fun, but we were all tired by last night and EVERY ONE was in bed by 8:45.

And Sam is opening toilet paper on the floor next to me. Talented and helpful. I'm outta here.

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stewbert said...

Ooo, scary! Glad you caught him before he did major damage. That's cute that he likes to play the piano. :)