Thursday, September 20, 2007

Random facts

My back hurts because my BOOBS are SOOOOOOOOOO full and gigantic because Sam decided to come out of his growth spurt and go back to sleeping through the night.

Since my boobs still want to feed a growing boy, he ate a ton already this morning, which it sounds like he just passed through to his diaper in great quantities.

While working last night, I accidentally ate a whole pint of B&J's Half Baked ice cream - which was not as good as I had hoped it would be when I read the description. It should have been a fabulous blend of my two favorite ice creams in the world, but it just didn't work. And yet, it's gone anyway.

This morning for breakfast, I had raisin bran (penance for eating the ice cream), which I ate with a fork because I forgot to run the dishwasher last night and I HATE hand washing silverware because I don't think it gets clean enough and/or rinsed enough, no matter how hard I try, unless it goes through the dishwasher. I can do it if I know that I was the last one to use it, but most of the silverware was in the dishwasher already and the stuff on the table from breakfast was used by children.

Sam has decided he's done and now does not want to sit in his own yuckiness - what?? crazy talk. Since I'm actually supposed to be typing an ER note, I suppose I shall change him and get back to it.

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stewbert said...

Sounds like you're having about as much fun as I am. I can eat a pint of B&J's chubby hubby in an hour. *sigh* ICE CREAM is of the devil.

Wait, you might be having MORE fun with the sore boobs and all ...