Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eleven degrees of (napster) separation

I was looking for new music last night, following recommendations on Napster, and realized that by the time I got 5-6 clicks from my original search, I could be in a totally different genre. For example, a search starting with Harry Connick Jr made it to Metallica in about 9 or 10 clicks. So, I decided to challenge myself to see how fast I could get there from something more difficult.

Max and Ruby (Nickelodeon cartoon) - slightly tricky since most of the recommendations were Canadian

The Belmonts - I picked the least Canadian sounding group

Barry Mann - I thought that would get me closer than it did

Luciano Pavarotti - I was hoping he'd link directly to Sting or, even better, Suzanne Vega, because of the "and Friends" albums, but it didn't

Josh Groban -

Sting -

Suzanne Vega - key to everything - this game could be called Six Degrees of Suzanne Vega, but it would be too easy.

Gin Blossoms

Blind Melon

Alice in Chains


My MP3 player has a lot more variety now (yes, I did add something from every artist along the way). Anyone have another challenge for me?


evitafjord said...

A friend from HS challenged me with Apocalyptica to Veggie Tales:
Iron Maiden
Van Halen
Bon Jovi
Jon Bon Jovi (another key - he links with everyone from Burl Ives, Bell Biv Devoe, Skid Row, Ratt, Collin Raye)
Burl Ives
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Veggie Tales

madhousewife said...

Jim Nabors to Run DMC.

evitafjord said...

First - Nightwish, not what I expected. The song I picked was The Poet and the Pendulum. At about 9 minutes in, I stopped it and asked my 3yo if he liked it and he said Yeah.

Jim Nabors
Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn
Kenny Rogers
Neil Diamond
Billy Joel
Norah Jones
Alicia Keys
Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes

evitafjord said...

added: I liked Nightwish too.