Monday, May 11, 2009


Now that I can be reasonably sure that I'm the last to complete my assigned letter from bythelbs, here it is - Ten things I love like that Start with the Letter P.

1. Photos.
For instance, this one:
Ohm. Can you see it? Four are trying to meditate and one just along for the ride.

2. Parallel parking. Yep, I missed it on my first driving test. But since then I have come to love it and love that I can do it - in pretty much any vehicle.

3. Pandora.

4. Penelope Marie. My favorite aunt. Not only is she awesome, she once saved me from doing something really, really dumb. At least once. Soooo very dumb.

5. Pantry. Look, I have one now.

6. Parties.
One of several many pictures we took to get a picture for Grandpa's 60th birthday party. Cooperative, they are not.

8. Popsicles. Mmmmm, banana popsicles.

9. Pajama pants. I wear them pretty much every day that I don't have to go out of the house. I used to steal my husband's all the time, but he got pretty sick of that and recently bought me about a half dozen of my own in pretty girly prints. I've switched to wearing his t-shirts, hoping he'll start bringing me home girly t-shirts too. It used to work with soda too - when I was drinking the DC (I'm clean now, on the wagon, zzzzz, can't you tell?). If I ran out and start drinking his Mr. Pibb - not only did we know I was desperate, but DC would magically appear without me even having to drag the boys to the store. Alas, we are both now caffeine-free, so we'll have to use clothing to show our love. Or at least his love to me :-) I have other ways. No, not that. sheesh.

10. Penney's. I wouldn't call it cool or hip, but I definitely wouldn't call me cool or hip, so ya know. They had some sweet sales this weekend for Mother's Day and we did some shopping. I like that they tell me how much I save. We spent $110 and saved over $200. Rock on.

For good measure, some P's I do not like: Potty training, pee, philandering, paranoia, pagodas, pandemonium (although the word pandemonium is kind of yummy), Plankton, politics, partitions, pregnancy, Pitocin, and puppies. Phew!!


Jen said...

With you on the potty training, and that is a fact!

But the banana popcicles, not so much. For me it's fudgecicle or nothing.

bythelbs said...

You did it! And I love it! So many wonderful Ps!

It's great to have you back.