Friday, July 6, 2007

Tell about any pets you currently have or have had.

Well, we don't have any pets currently. Our most recent pet was Angel, who was (actually I should say "is", just not "is" at our house) a mixed breed puppy. I'm not sure what her mix is but she looked a lot like a lab when she was little but had longer hair when she got older. I think there was some chow in her maybe? And something completely different. She was all black but had siblings that were brown. Anyway, she was relocated to another family. The kids did okay with her when she was a puppy but several were very afraid (as they are of all other dogs, even little ones) and we decided she needed a family that would be able to play with her more. We have also had fish - Ella, Ella 2 (Ella 1 was bothered to death and eaten by one of the other fish in the tank), and a few others. They all went the way that fish tend to go. We also had an outdoor cat named Bella for a little while. She disappeared, though there is a wandering cat that just showed up (almost a year since we've seen Bella) that the kids swear is her again. As you can see, we've not had great luck with pets, so we are on a hiatus. We do have several bunnies and a squirrel who call our land home so we watch out for those and maybe someday we'll try again.

David took Hannah and Haley with him to Rotary lunch today. They have an afternoon rehearsal for Peter Pan today so they will go straight to that and then actually be home tonight. The little guys are watching Little Einsteins and Sam is here with me, eating of course. One of the perks of nursing - I have to sit down to do it, so I get more blogging and/or reading done.

I had an "interview" with Medquist this morning. I scheduled it for 9:00 am. At precisely 8:00 am when my phone rang, I realized that it was 9:00 am EASTERN. D'oh. I had actually been able to go back to sleep this morning after Sam woke up and woke up around 7:58 am, fortunately lucid enough to answer questions. I did NOT have my resume in my hand as recommended and as I would have if it were 9:00, but he only asked questions about MT jobs and my last job so I actually remembered the relevant information. I didn't want to venture out of my bedroom and be spotted by the kids and disturb the peaceful and quiet background. Sam started to stir once but went back to sleep with his binky. It was one of those form interviews and covered almost precisely what I'd entered in my online "screening" application. At the end of the interview, he informed me that the next step was an online application that would be similar to the screening application. WHAT? Are we looking for 3 witnesses? Quite different than the last time I applied with MQ when I pasted my resume to their website, completed the testing, and then got an "interview" that was really a job offer and scheduling call. And I'm a REHIRE for Pete's sake. I should have jotted down the number they gave me to call if I decided to come back. Wonder if I could have circumvented some of this fooey?

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stewbert said...

hehehe ... we get away with the "no pets" rule because Daddy, being from the Islands, "will eat them." *snort*